PrePet App- The PrePet 21-day Challenge

Do you have the goods?

The PrePet app pet challenge simulates a real-life cat or dog, and you’ll be required to do all that’s usually done in daily life to keep them bouncing around with health and happiness. You’ll have to feed your pet (and not just treats), brush them, and of course play with and pat them. If you want a dog, your feet will be hitting the sidewalk, as you go for the designated walk each day and then there’s the poo…

You can set the difficulty of the pet challenge – in other words, the level of care and responsibility that your family requires to take care of your potential fur baby. That way, everyone in your home has agreed that the pet challenge is a fair representation of what it really takes to look after your new BFF (best furry friend).

Your survival tasks for your possible new BFF

Here are some of the tasks you’ll be expected to do daily on the 21-day PrePet Challenge to keep your prospective cat or dog healthy.

Tap each screenshot to see.

You’ll need to feed your furry friend
You’ll also have to walk a dog
And it will need washing
Then there’s the dark side – the poo

Your treat tasks for your pooch or puss

Remember, you are trying to convince your parents you’d be the perfect pet owner – and it’s not all cuddles and play!

You’ll also want to perform extra treat tasks to keep your potential pet entertained – and to stop them from destroying the house when they get bored! These treats increase your pet’s happiness… and improve your chance of success in the PrePet Challenge.

You can pat and stroke your pet
You can have fun playing fetch
You can talk to it (and tell secrets!)
And you can give it (some!) snacks

What happens if you have heaps on after school and you fall behind in your Prepet Challenge?

You can pat and treat your potential pet to make it up to them… But sucking up is only going to get you so far! Your pet-worthiness will be determined not just by their happiness, but also by their healthiness.