How will it work?

You first create your potential pet and make it yours by giving it a name.

Get together as a family and work out whether your PrePet Challenge will be ‘easy’, ‘medium’ or ‘hard’. You decide what level of care is required. Remember that certain breeds of pets are more active than others and require more care.

You’ll get reminders when your cat or dog needs looking after. If neglected, your pet will become sad, but you can treat it to make it feel loved and cared for again. However, only so many treats will get you so far!

Get plenty of support along the way

You will be able to see how you’re going on the challenge at all times – you’ll get prompts like, “Oh dear, your pet needs some love” and “You are doing pet-icularly well!” It’s also clearly displayed how many days remain to prove you’re Pet-Worthy.

If you blitz the challenge, PrePet will issue you with your very own certificate of pet-worthiness. And you can chat to your parents about what happens next…

At the end of the 21-day PrePet Challenge (with a 24-hour free trial), you’ll discover if you’ve qualified for a furry friend: “Well Done! You have blitzed the PrePet Challenge… Basil is going to love living with you!” Alternatively, you may need to repeat the challenge (for free).

We wish you a pet-tastic result – good luck!