Those Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to allow notifications?

This is probably the secret to your success in the 21-day PrePet Challenge… after all, life and homework and hanging with mates is all consuming for everyone! Simply tap “Allow” when you are asked and your PrePet pet will bark or meow when it needs your care. These are vital reminders, just like a real pet would give!

What if I still don’t get notifications?

That might be something to do with how your phone is set up. Go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Notifications’, and then scroll down to ‘PrePet’. Ensure ‘Allow notifications’ is on. That should set you up for success!

What do the different levels of the PrePet Challenge mean?

The main difference between easy, medium and hard is the frequency of care – in other words, how often you have to tend to your pet. Some breeds of dog, for example, are more active and larger and so require more care.  The level you choose will also determine how long you have to perform each task.

Do I have to do a task at that exact time?

You can do a task two hours either side of the scheduled time (which should be before or after school) and still get full marks towards your Challenge result. Any later and you might not get 100%… or any marks at all.

What happens if I miss a day?

The thing is, if you miss a day with a real pet, it’s not good. The idea of the PrePet 21-day Challenge is to tend to your new fur-buddy every single day – just like in real life. In the Challenge, you can make it up, but you can’t afford to miss more than one day and be aware that it might take a week for your pet to dance again!

Can I catch up any other way?

See the above. A real-live pet doesn’t give you too much leeway! But you can make up a bit of ground by giving it love and treats…

Why can’t I treat my pet?

Because you must have treated it in the past 30 minutes. You will be able to again shortly, but remember only so many treats (especially those cheeky snacks) count towards PrePet success. You need your pet to be happy and healthy.

Can I change the level of the challenge at any time?

You can only set the level of difficulty at the beginning of the Challenge. Get your whole family involved with this one, so that it’s an accurate reflection of care for the type of pet you are wanting – and you stand the best chance of getting the real thing!

Do you have any insider tips to nailing the tasks?

Sure do!

  • Feed: If it’s a survival task, tip your phone either to the side or to the back, like you’re pouring food.
  • Feed: If it’s a treat task, so you’re giving your pet a cheeky snack, tap its bowl.
  • Walk: The first time you do the ‘walk’ task, PrePet will ask you for access to your location – we need the GPS to check you’re moving. Get outside if you can as that’s where it works best. You can also try swinging your device around your body as a way of having a little cheat. If you haven’t turned on access to your location, during the ‘walk’ task PrePet will ask you to shake your phone while you move around. You can’t cheat by getting in a car – there’s a (secret) speed at which the progress bar will stop moving.
  • Poo: Drag the poo offscreen for the explosions to work best.
  • Talk: Speak nice and clearly (and if you run out of things to say, music works beautifully, just like for real pets!).
  • Play: Flick the ball or ball of wool with your finger for optimum results.
  • Pat: Our top tip is that a motion a lot like a tickle works best.
  • Wash: On Saturdays, when it’s wash time, get shaking that device like you’d lather up a real-life dog.

Why did my pet dance and then become immediately sad again?

Your pet dances if you complete the last scheduled task for a day (and just quietly, if you prove yourself Pet-Worthy). That doesn’t mean it has been healthy and happy during the last seven days though… that is reflected in its mood on the homescreen. Swipe from left to right to see its 7-day ‘healthy’ and ‘happy’ ratings… but remember you might be on track for a different result over the full 21 days.

My pet has been happy every time I open the app, so why did I fail the Challenge?

It can’t have been happy every time, but your pet’s demeanour on the home screen is based on the past seven days; your overall result in the PrePet Challenge is based on the full 21 days.

Can I change my pet's name?

Sure can. Again, swipe from left to right on the homescreen, select ‘Pet Details’ and just change it.

What if I log out and log in a different way?

If you want to keep the same pet, you need to log in the same way. If you set up your pet with Facebook, you can access your pet on any device with the same Facebook account. Your pet is tied to the way you log in – the options are Facebook, Google or setting an email address and password.

Can two different family members do the challenge at the same time?

Yep. All you need to do is log in with the same accounts. That means you can care for the same pet on Mum and Dad’s phone, as well as the family tablet.

What happens if I fail the 21-day PrePet Challenge?

Sometimes that happens. It is a big-time commitment looking after a pet and life is crazy busy with activities, homework and well… life. Don’t stress though, you can repeat the PrePet 21-day Challenge as often as you would like. We won’t charge you anything extra. We just want to help you prove to your family that you have the goods when it comes to looking after your pet.

How often can I repeat a challenge?

You can repeat the challenge as often as you need to. Routines can take a while to establish. Once you’ve successfully completed the 21-day PrePet Challenge you will get your certificate to prove it.

Do I have to pay to repeat?

Nope – you can repeat the PrePet 21-day Challenge as often as you would like for free… it all just delays you getting your real-life fur baby though. We want to help you prove to your family that you have the goods when it comes to looking after your pet.

I have finished my challenge but didn't receive a certificate. Why?

Two potential reasons… Firstly, it’s possible you need a teensy bit more pet practice before you’re Pet-Worthy. If so, see the FAQs above. But it’s also possible that you simply didn’t give us your email address when you signed up for the 21-day PrePet Challenge, so we didn’t have anywhere to send your certificate. If the app told you that you were Pet-Worthy, drop us an email at and we can send you your personalised proof!